Orangutan takes video camera for zoo habitat tour

Cherie, an 18-year-old orangutan, took the GoPro for a tour of the Blackpool Zoo's new Orangutan Outlook enclosure.

By Ben Hooper
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BLACKPOOL, England, May 22 (UPI) -- The Blackpool Zoo in England shared video of an orangutan monkeying around with a GoPro camera encased in an "indestructible" box.

The zoo said Cherie, an 18-year-old orangutan, was instantly curious about the boxed camera and took it for a tour of the new Orangutan Outlook enclosure, capturing numerous selfies along the way.


The YouTube video's description said Cherie's avant garde camera work proves she is "one of the world's strongest and most intelligent primates."

Zookeepers said they were able to get the GoPro back from Cherie by trading her a banana for the camera.

The zoo previously stashed a GoPro atop a tree in the facility's tiger habitat to capture up-close footage of the big cats climbing the tree to retrieve their food.

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