Baboon opens car door, steals pizza in South Africa

John White said the baboon tried the door of his car before moving on to another vehicle, where he found and ate a pizza.

By Ben Hooper
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CAPE TOWN, South Africa, May 21 (UPI) -- Tourists filming baboons in South Africa recorded the moment a pizza-pilfering primate opened a car door to steal a few slices of pie.

John White, one of the video-taking tourists, said he and his companions were filming baboons from their car on the M4 near Cape Point when they discovered one of the Old World monkeys was trying to get into their car door.


"Luckily the doors were locked! I noticed the baboon making its way to the vehicle in front of us so I was just getting my camera ready when the baboon opened their door," White told Tracking the Wild, which posted the video to YouTube. "Unlucky for them, they did not have their doors locked so the baboon just jumped into their vehicle and stole the closest bit of food he could find which just happened to be a pizza!"

White said baboon monitors soon arrived to chase the primates away from the cars.

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