Kilmer is the voice of 'Knight Rider' car

BURBANK, Calif., Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Val Kilmer will lend his voice to KITT the talking car in NBC's new "Knight Rider" made-for-television movie.

The follow-up to the iconic 1980s TV series is set to air Feb. 17. The two-hour movie stars Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Bruce Davison.


In addition, David Hasselhoff -- who played Michael Knight for four seasons during the original series' run -- returns in this sequel as the same character during a special guest appearance.

NBC said Kilmer took over the role of KITT after actor Will Arnett dropped out due to a conflicting sponsorship deal.

"We feel really lucky to have Val Kilmer on board for 'Knight Rider.' Val's voice has truly elevated the character of KITT and brought a whole new level of excitement to this project for us. He completely gets the fun that can be had in the relationship between a guy and his car, it's just a perfect fit for the show," executive producer David Bartis said in a statement.


Kilmer's films include "Top Gun," "Batman Forever," "The Doors," "Tombstone," "True Romance," "Heat," "Willow" and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang."

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