Gandolfini ready for 'Sopranos' farewell

NEW YORK, Dec. 28 (UPI) -- James Gandolfini said in a recent magazine interview that he was growing weary of playing Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano.

The final season of the HBO series "The Sopranos" begins next spring, and according to Thursday's New York Post, the 45-year-old actor told Esquire U.K. that he can "only take so much of Tony Soprano."


"I like the guy but he takes up nine months of my year, every year, and that's not really me," Gandolfini said. "I'm more of a soft guy."

While Gandolfini might be ready to drop Tony, the same can't be said for the weight he has put on to play the lumbering don.

"I should exercise, but I'm too old for that," he said. "I lost 30 pounds to play my character in 'The Mexican,' but people don't take to skinny Mafia men and I don't feel right when I'm thin."

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