The late Conway Twitty sings on new single

NASHVILLE, July 9 (UPI) -- Nashville, Tenn., producers used technology to piece together snippets of the late Conway Twitty's voice for a new radio single, it was reported Friday.

Twitty, a top country music hit maker who died in 1993, can be heard on a duet with country artist Anita Cochran, "(I Wanna) Hear A Cheatin' Song," which Cochran wrote in 2002, The Tennessean said.


To bring Twitty back in the studio, Cochran and her co-producers, searched through recordings Twitty made from 1982 to 1987, clipping and pasting words and syllables together in a computer-assisted process that created the illusion that Twitty was singing along to Cochran's song.

Twitty's widow, Dee Jenkins, approved the project and is pleased with the outcome.

"I know Conway would be flattered," she said.

Not everyone thinks the computer-generated idea is a good one.

"Taking a word, tuning it and placing it like that, I think it's really, really, really wrong. I love Conway, but I think he's got plenty of legacy for people to remember him by," said country artist Vince Gill.

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