BAE hits milestone with new F-15 electronic warfare system

By Stephen Carlson

May 2 (UPI) -- With the completion of a Critical Design Review in February by Boeing, BAE Systems' Eagle Passive/Active Warning Survivability System, or EPAWSS, is one step closer to be deployed on the F-15 Eagle fighter plane.

The EPAWSS serves as an upgrades for the Digital Electronic Warfare System, or DEWS, which was released in 2008, and is part of an effort to modernize the F-15 and keep it in service for several more decades, the company announced on Tuesday.


"The EPAWSS Critical Design Review is an important step toward providing our F-15 air crew with a world class defensive and jamming system that will bring them home safely," Col. Tim Baily, F-15 program manager for the U.S. Air Force, said in a press release. "Hats off to Boeing and BAE Systems for the impressive work that went into these reviews. Their efforts provide the foundation required to rapidly deliver this capability to the field."

The EPAWSS is an advanced electronic warfare suite meant to analyze and jam enemy radars and missiles. In particular, it is meant to help counter enemy jamming and air-defense systems and help detect and counter enemy radar.


The system completed its CDR in February, which followed a successful test of the overall warfare suite installed by BAE at the end of 2016.

"Our entire team is driven by the importance of providing this enhanced EW technology to our warfighters in a timely manner," said Brian Walters, vice president and general manager of electronic combat solutions at BAE. "EPAWSS provides a critical capability, and it is our mission to provide this capability on or ahead of schedule."

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