IAI debuts GPS anti-jamming system

By Ryan Maass

Jan. 31 (UPI) -- Israel Aerospace Industries has revealed its new ADA anti-jamming system, a product developed for use on multiple military platforms.

The system is designed to provide anti-jamming protection for Global Navigation Satellite Systems, or GNSS, receivers such as fighter jets or combat vessels. Israel Aerospace Industries plans to display the product during the Aero-India exhibition in Bangalore, India Feb. 14 through Feb. 18.


ADA has already been integrated into several platforms in Israel and in other countries. The product makes its debut as IAI moves forward with deliveries to Israel's air force. Company officials say the system extends the service life for Israel's aircraft by bolstering defenses.

"Facing today's threats to GNSS, these systems are a must, for any platform using GPS, or any other Global Satellite Navigation Systems," general manager Jacob Galifat said in a press release.

Galifat went on to note ADA provides critical countermeasures against electronic attacks, and allow deployed platforms to compete their missions.

"Considering the operational challenges, we believe this system has considerable export potential for many air forces and armies who experience GNSS jamming in combat zones," he added.


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