General Dynamics Fidelis enhancing its XPS cyber-protection service

General Dynamics Fidelis has joined the Microsoft Active Protections Program to offer faster and more comprehensive defenses against cyber-attacks.

Richard Tomkins

WALTHAM, Mass., July 25 (UPI) -- General Dynamics Fidelis says it is enhancing threat protection for its XPS system customers by its joining the Microsoft Active Protections Program.

Through its participation in the industry partnership program, it will receive advanced information from Microsoft about their monthly security bulletins, allowing the General Dynamics Fidelis team to anticipate emerging threats and provide faster and more comprehensive protection.


"In today's fight against advanced cyber adversaries, it's important that we arm our customers with the best defense possible, and collaboration across the entire cyber-security community is a critical part of that defense," said Peter George, president, General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions. "Together with Microsoft we will provide our customers with the technologies and intelligence to protect their enterprise and fight the bad actors."

Added Jerry Bryant, senior security lead for the Microsoft Active Protections Program, Microsoft Corp: "Members of the MAPP share our passion for industry collaboration to protect a world full of Internet users.

"No one company can accomplish this by itself. That is why we are working with General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions to advance and improve security."

Fidelis XPS is a network security appliance that delivers network visibility, analysis and control over all ports and all channels in real-time to defend against advanced cyber-threats. It is deployed as a context-aware network appliance.


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