Saab's unmanned aircraft used in anti-piracy operation

LINKOPING, Sweden, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Saab of Sweden reports its Skeldar unmanned aerial system is being operated from a Spanish navy vessel as part of anti-piracy operations in the Middle East.

The rotary aircraft, which the Spanish navy is using in conjunction with a manned helicopter, is a medium-range aircraft with a range of 93 miles and a speed of 88 mph. Saab began developing the system in 2005.


Saab said the Skeldar is being deployed from the Spanish navy vessel BAM Meteoro, which is part of a European Union anti-piracy operation.

"The Skeldar UAS is operated together with a manned helicopter to enhance the vessel's surveillance capabilities during its mission to fight piracy as part of the EU Atalanta operation in the Gulf of Aden," said Mikael Franzen, director of Saab's Tactical UAS produce business.

"Since signing the first contact, we are seeing an increasing interest for Skeldar where more and more potential customers are discovering Skeldar's unique strengths and features, including air worthiness, heavy fuel engine, high performance and operational capability."

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