BAE picks partners for Type 26 frigate work

LONDON, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- Electronics company Rohde & Schwarz UK Ltd has been picked by BAE Systems as the preferred partner for the design phase of the integrated communications system.

The system is being designed for the future Royal Navy Type 26 Global Combat Ship and the company's selection follows a year-long screening process by BAE Systems.


"The Rohde & Schwarz proposal for the Type 26 is at the forefront of technology and includes innovative systems to truly deliver a state of the art communications system, Rohde & Schwarz said. "This, coupled with proven high reliability, will in turn reduce the through life cost with respect to support and provide the Royal Navy with improved efficiency of resources, high system availability and operational performance."

The Type 26 Global Combat Ship is a new class of frigate.

In related news, Rolls-Royce reports that BAE Systems has contracted it to design the gas turbine system for ship.

Rolls-Royce will work together with BAE Systems and Tognum, Rolls-Royce's collaboration company with Daimler, to design the propulsion system, which will combine the Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine with four of Tognum's MTU high-speed diesel generator sets.


"The Type 26 will combine a range of marine technologies, and it is the sophisticated integration of this equipment that will ensure these ships will be highly flexible and efficient, whatever the mission," said Don Roussinos, president of Rolls-Royce' Naval business unit.

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