750th Mi-8AMT helicopter produced

ULAN-UDE, Russia, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- Russian Helicopters reports production of the 750th Mi-8AMT Hip aircraft, which will enter service with the Russian military.

The Mi-8AMT combat transport has the export designation of Mi-171.


The milestone was achieved by Russian Helicopters' Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant.

"It is symbolic that this 'landmark' helicopter should be delivered to the Defense Ministry," UUAP Managing Director Leonid Belykh said. "We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the ministry for many years, and are continuing to develop this partnership."

The original version of the Mi-8 was introduced into service in 1977.

The AMT variant features gear such as a spotlight with infrared filter, a FLIR radar system and additional fuel tanks for increased range.

"Helicopters of the Mi-8/17 series enjoy global renown and are in constant demand, and for many years have set the standard for medium-class helicopters," Russian Helicopters said.

"The first Mi-8AMT (Mi-171) was produced in 1991. Since then, its construction and equipment have undergone continuous updating and new versions have been developed, strengthening the position of this Russian best-seller on the global market."

A new variant, the multi-role Mi-171A2, is under development. Russian Helicopters said it expects the aircraft will receive certification by the end of next year, with deliveries to customers starting in 2015.


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