Chile orders mini-UAVs

KADIMA, Israel, April 5 (UPI) -- The Chilean army has contracted BlueBird Aero Systems of Israel for tactical, mini-unmanned aerial vehicles for surveillance use.

The vehicles ordered are the SpyLite mini-UAV and the MicroB Micro-UAS, together with unified ground control systems and remote video terminals.


SpyLite is a combat-proven, extended performance electric-powered UAV that provides covert, extended-range visual intelligence in real time. It can fly in inclement weather for 4 hours and has a communications capability of more than 31 miles.

The system is fully autonomous from launch point and it can be recovered using either a parachute or an airbag.

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"The SpyLite system presents an ultimate solution for supporting real-time video or tactical mapping on demand for open area as well as urban warfare scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, disaster management and commercial applications," the company said.

The MicroB-UAS is a hand-launched system that weighs less than 1.6 pounds. It is equipped with proprietary gimbaled and stabilized EO or IR payloads.

Bluebird's UAV systems are operated from a Unified Ground Control Station, which was designed for time-critical, intelligent UAV operation missions and was successfully tested in a combat environment. All of Bluebird's UAVs share the same datalinks and command-and-control protocols, enabling them to be controlled by the same UGCS.

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"We are very pleased to have won the tender in Chile, with SpyLite having surpassed the competing systems in both performance and price levels," said Ronen Nadir, chief executive officer of BlueBird Aero systems.

"The SpyLite system is the result of a significant investment in research and development, designed to bring to the market a cost-effective, reliable, high performance product that successfully handles the missions associated with the modern battlefield, the HLS requirements, as well as with the commercial market."

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