India predicted as 'boom' market for UAVs

Boeing Hummingbird UAV UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg
Boeing Hummingbird UAV UPI/Roger L. Wollenberg | License Photo

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 19 (UPI) -- India is being tipped as a "booming" market for micro- and mini-unmanned aerial vehicles for civilian and military use.

The projection was made by Advanced Defense Technologies Inc., a U.S. developers systems and technologies for the military defense and homeland security and its international industry partners.


"The surging market in the global sale of UAVs occurs at a time when these systems are becoming a common tool not just in the military but for civilian use as well," it said. "ADTI foresees the India marketplace for drones and UAVs, used for reconnaissance and mapping to surveillance, border or maritime patrol, a multimillion-dollar business that will grow steadily.

"ADTI with its technology advances in payload systems anticipate a significant part of the future booming market."

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The UAVs sector was recently called the fastest-growing sector in the aerospace industry by the Teal Group, a defense industry consultant. Current global UAV sales are about $6.6 billion annually and are expected to double over the next decade -- a prediction not lost on ADTI.

"The global drone and UAV market is growing at a very fast rate and becoming the largest portion of the aircraft sales in the world," R.S. Tahim, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Defense Technologies Inc. said.


"The general public will soon understand that less controversial uses for UAVs are being explored increasingly in the humanitarian, environment and agricultural sectors. In many cases, the systems are safer and cheaper than manned aircraft and in some cases the mini- and micro-drones will do things for the commercial civilian markets that were not possible before."

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