JMAR releases results for detection tech

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- California-based JMAR Technologies has released test results from a study with the company's explosive threat detection technologies measuring water purity.

Defense contractor JMAR recently conducted a test of leading brands of bottled water in the United States using its BioSentry chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive materials detection system. Company officials say the results from the tests indicate "many of the higher priced brands contained heavier concentrations of bio-particle contamination than less expensive brands," the release said.


JMAR's BioSentry system, recently named by business analysis and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan as the top biological threat detection product in 2008, is deployed by U.S. government agencies and other security authorities to identify explosive threats potentially endangering populations.

Company officials say the bottled water tests are part of an effort to expand the use of the BioSentry detection technology to new markets.

"This practical application of our BioSentry technology in evaluating the purity of bottled water demonstrates a mature product ready to provide consumers with the security of knowing that their drinking water is safe from dangerous levels of harmful pathogens," Neil Beer, JMAR chief executive officer, said in a statement.


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