Navy contracts BAE for TCDL tech

WAYNE, N.J., May 16 (UPI) -- The U.S. Navy says it has contracted BAE Systems for tactical common data link technology to provide pilots with real-time sensor and targeting information.

Officials say BAE will supply the TCDL interoperable communications system under a $9 million contract in a Navy plan to enhance the communications capabilities of war fighters with greater situational awareness. The TCDL operates in real time, collecting intelligence for soldiers and commanders that is compatible and interoperable between government platforms and surface terminals.


The TCDL-equipped aircraft gather data while flying over battle space and transmit the data to a command station on the ground. Officials say the TCDL system will meet specifications of the Department of Defense's common data link program.

"The TCDL system provides real-time sensor and targeting information, allowing commanders to quickly assess and respond to threats," Joseph McCarthy, BAE Systems vice president of communications and tactical networks in Wayne, N.J., said in a statement.

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