Through the Pakistani looking glass


WASHINGTON, May 31 (UPI) -- Pakistan, a "major non-NATO ally" of the U.S., has 22 Urdu-language publications that advocate jihad (holy war) against the United States, Israel and India. They are a blend of information and disinformation designed for the countless millions of gullible men who were educated in madrassas, the Koranic schools where they were taught to read and write and to recite the Koran by heart -- to the exclusion of all other disciplines.

Zarb-e-Momin (Blow of the Pious), a weekly published by the Al Rashid Trust in Karachi, under the headline "Israel Spends $74 million to Spread Prostitution in Afghanistan," said, "This money will be spent setting up brothels, pubs and casinos in Afghanistan. Funneled through Population Service International (PSI), ostensibly to control population, these funds are to lure Afghan women to prostitution. PSI is also encouraging couples to practice oral sex, which is forbidden in Islam. Whoever would indulge in it will no more remain a Muslim."


The same issue also said U.S. soldiers were promoting pornography in Afghanistan. "In Khost, the Americans are distributing triple X CDs, videos and magazines as freebies by the thousands. They have even set up internet cafes that show free porn movies...If the Afghans got rid of the Russians, how can they tolerate the Americans who are committing atrocities against Muslims all over the world?"


Majjala-tul-Dawa, the monthly publication of Jamaat-ud-Dawa (that replaced the banned extremist party Lashkar-e-Tayyaba) said the madrassas were established "to contain the invasion of Christians, Jews and Hindus who want to erase the spirit of Islam, jihad and the sharia (Islamic law) from Muslim countries. Most of our leaders are lap dogs of the Americans. The U.S. has forced our rulers to change the present curriculum that is Islam-based. The government recently notified a 'hanger tax' on those female students who wear the burqa in schools who are now required to hang them up."

The magazine's May issue also praised the exploits of Abu Qasim, a jihadi "mastermind of suicide attacks against Indian dogs and pigs (soldiers) who recently embraced martyrdom. All the mothers should be proud of giving birth to a jihadi like Qasim. All the boys should aspire to die like Qasim. O boys, forget about this material world. Join mujahideen and fight the devil forces of India who are killing and raping your mothers, daughters and sisters...Qasim's blood is giving you dawat (an invitation) to become a mujahideen. Your hero should be Qasim, not (President Pervez) Musharraf."

Yet another story in Majjala-tul-Dawa told of the exploits of Hafiz Saeed, the founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba (terrorist group known as LT). "With the help of specialists, Saeed preached jihad to the deaf mute that 'Allah has created the human being for only one mission -- jihad. You are not less important than others are because of your special status. It is also your duty to go to Kashmir and wage jihad against the Hindu bastards. Then I could claim that my handicapped jihadis are enough to kill the healthy Indian dogs.


Nida-e-Millat, a weekly published by the Nawai Waqt Group in Lahore, said Christian missionaries "under the guise of aid missions are forcing Iraqis to abandon their Muslim faith with bread and medicines...They are setting up churches in every nook and cranny of every Muslim country. Iran is the next target of the missionaries. Anyone who is ready to become a Christian is given an American passport."

Under the headline "It is Time to Divorce the U.S.," Lahore's Nawai Waqt said, "By siding with the U.S., Pakistan has gained nothing but lost on every count. American soldiers violate Pakistan's territorial sovereignty very frequently. U.S. think tanks have already predicted Pakistan's disintegration by 2010. We have been condemned to fight a war that is no war. We have been condemned to kill our own people who have committed no crime."

"The U.S. has launched a crusade against the Islamic world," the Lahore daily wrote, "It is massacring Muslims in the name of war against al-Qaida and terror. The U.S. forced Pakistan to become a partner in this war. Musharraf still has time to repent and understand that Pakistanis will never accept the killing of their brothers by their own people...Musharraf should understand it is time to respect the people's opinion. If he persists in ordering the Pak army to kill Pakistanis, then 150 million people will stand against him sooner than later. It is time to divorce the U.S."


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