GM sales gains in July top domestic rivals

DETROIT, Aug. 1 (UPI) -- U.S. automakers, with General Motors Co. leading the way, reported double-digit increase in new vehicle sales in July

GM reported July sales were up 16.3 from July 2012, while Ford Motor Co. reported am 11.4 percent increase and Chrysler LLC reported an 11 percent increase for the period, industry tracker Autodata said Thursday.


GM said car sales were up 24.1 percent from July 2012 and light truck sales gained 12.1 percent. Ford said light truck sales grew by 15.1 percent and car sales were up 4.4 percent. Chrysler said car sales rose by 13.7 percent and light truck sales were up 10.2 percent.

Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Hyundai Motor America and American Honda Motor Company Inc., were not included in the report, but Nissan North America Inc. sales rose 10.9 percent, Volkswagen Group of America Inc. sales slipped 0.2 percent and Subaru of America Inc., bested them all with a gain of 42.9 percent, including a 121.2 percent gain in light truck sales.

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Among luxury brands, Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz brand saw an 18.8 percent sales jump to 25,424 sold in the month. Jaguar Land Rover N.A. LLC sales rose 30.8 percent with a 59.5 percent gain in Jaguar sales and a 22 percent gain in Land Rover sales.


Porsche Cars N.A. Inc., sales rose 36.3 percent with a total of 3,820 vehicles sold.

In aggregate numbers, GM sold 234,071 vehicles in the month, Ford sold 193,080, and Chrysler sold 140,102.

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Nissan sales hit 109,041 in July. Volkswagen sold less than half that number with 48,843 vehicles sold in July.

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