Flash memory inventor sues for $9 million

TOKYO, March 2 (UPI) -- The electronics expert who invented "flash memory" used in mobile phones and digital cameras sued former employer Toshiba Corp. Tuesday for money he says he's owed.

Fujio Masuoka claims he was forced to give the firm the patent for the invention, Mainichi Daily News reported Tuesday.


While working for Toshiba, he invented various flash memory devices from 1980 to 1987, on which Toshiba acquired the patent rights.

Masuoka claims that as of the end of March this year, Toshiba will have made $181 million from the flash memory devices.

Masuoka demands the company pay $9 million to him for taking the patent.

A district court ruled in January in favor of the scientist who invented the blue light-emitting diode, and awarded him $181 million in damages for the patent.

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