Admiral Kimmel: "Never have we been so proud"

December 11 1941
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HONOLULU, Dec. 11, 1941 (UP) - Admiral Husband R. Kimmel, commander in chief of the U.S. Fleet and Rear Admiral Claude Bloch, commander of the Honolulu Naval District, had the following to say in a joint statement praising the response to the call of duty by civilians, the army, navy and Marine Corps during last Sunday's attack by Japanese war planes:

"It is truly great to be an American.

"Never have we been so proud as when we saw Sunday's magnificent response to the call of duty by civilian employes of the Government and contractor firms - whom we call our un-uniformed fighters - and the officers and men of the army, navy and Marine Corps.

"Instances of valor are so great in number they are too many to enumerate. The same sort of selfless courage was displayed then that will win this war.

"We Americans can receive hard blows, but we can deliver harder ones.

"In these days when we face the task that lies ahead, with calm determination and unflinching resolve, it is truly great to be an American. Victory for us is assured."

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