Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood candidates from elections

Egypt bans Muslim Brotherhood candidates from elections

CAIRO, April 16 (UPI) -- An Egyptian court ordered the ban on current and former members of the Muslim Brotherhood from running in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.
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Cairo court issues temporary ban on Hamas activities

Cairo court issues temporary ban on Hamas activities

CAIRO, March 4 (UPI) -- A court in Cairo banned all Hamas activity in Egypt and ordered the Hamas office in Cairo closed during the espionage trial of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt plans dam-busting diplomatic offensive against Ethiopia

CAIRO, Feb. 27 (UPI) -- Egypt may be in the throes of political turmoil, but the government has launched a diplomatic offensive aimed at stopping Ethiopia building a huge $4.8 billion hydroelectric dam on the Nile that Cairo says will be a disaster for the Arab world's most populous nation.
Generals now in power, Muslim Brotherhood says

Generals now in power, Muslim Brotherhood says

CAIRO, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm, said Wednesday the old military guards were again holding the reins of power in Egypt.

Brotherhood said gov't resignation no cause for amnesty

CAIRO, Feb. 25 (UPI) -- The Muslim Brotherhood said Tuesday the resignation of the Egyptian government doesn't absolve Cabinet officials of crimes against the people.
Muslim Brotherhood cries foul over world reaction to Ukraine

Muslim Brotherhood cries foul over world reaction to Ukraine

CAIRO, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- The level of political violence in Ukraine is unfortunate, but it's nothing compared with the level of repression in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood said Friday.

EU stands by Egyptian democracy

BRUSSELS, Feb. 18 (UPI) -- EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, through her spokesman, said the European community was committed to helping build a "sustainable democracy" in Egypt.

Morsi's lawyer withdraws from trial until soundproof boxes are removed

CAIRO, Feb. 16 (UPI) -- The lawyer representing ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and 35 other Muslim Brotherhood members said Sunday he has withdrawn from the trial.

Deaths in Salamut, Damietta, in pro-Morsi protests in Egypt

CAIRO, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- Clashes across Egypt between pro-Morsi protesters and security forces Friday left two dead, one a boy, 12, in the city of Samalut, authorities said.

Muslim Brotherhood cries foul over EU stance on Egypt

CAIRO, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- The Muslim Brotherhood said a European Union conclusion on developments in Egypt overlooks the broader issues, adding the EU is burying its head in the sand.

Rights groups demand probes of torture claims by Egyptian protesters

CAIRO, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- Some 16 human rights organizations have demanded investigations into allegations of torture and sexual assault of protesters held in Egyptian prisons.

Egyptian prosecutor denies political prisoners

CAIRO, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- Despite a widespread crackdown on government dissent, Egypt's top prosecutor maintained Wednesday the country does not hold any political prisoners.

Egypt detains a U.S. Embassy liaison to Muslim Brotherhood

CAIRO, Feb. 12 (UPI) -- An Egyptian employee at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo who worked as a liaison to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood has been detained, embassy officials said.

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Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak (Arabic: محمد حسني سيد مبارك‎, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: , Muḥammad Ḥusnī Sayyid Mubārak; born 4 May 1928) is a former Egyptian politician and military commander. He served as the fourth President of Egypt from 1981 to 2011.

Mubarak was appointed Vice President of Egypt in 1975, and assumed the presidency on 14 October 1981, following the assassination of President Anwar El Sadat. The length of his presidency made him Egypt's longest-serving ruler since Muhammad Ali Pasha. Before he entered politics, Mubarak was a career officer in the Egyptian Air Force, serving as its commander from 1972 to 1975 and rising to the rank of air chief marshal.

Mubarak was ousted after 18 days of demonstrations during the 2011 Egyptian revolution when, on 11 February, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced that Mubarak had resigned as president and transferred authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. On 13 April, a prosecutor ordered Mubarak and both his sons to be detained for 15 days of questioning about allegations of corruption and abuse of power. He was then ordered to stand trial on charges of premeditated murder of peaceful protestors during the revolution. These trials officially began on the 3 August 2011. Egypt’s military prosecutors then also proclaimed that it is investigating Mubarak's role in the assassination of his predecessor Anwar Sadat.

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