Google breakup: Did Streetview cameras capture a breakup?

Posted By KATE STANTON,   |   May 30, 2013 at 7:52 PM

Google's creepy, all-seeing Streetview cameras have managed to document multitudes of hilarious, moving and scandalous snapshots of humanity over the years -- from cheating fiancés to kids in trash cans.

In a Google Streetview image posted to Reddit, one user claims that the service caught the apparent end to his friend's relationship -- the moment when an ex-girlfriend came to retrieve her tossed belongings from the curb.

The Redditor who posted the image elaborated in the comments:

A little backstory: this picture was taken a couple years ago since they have been broken up for a while now. My buddy no longer lives in the same town as me but I became aware of this recently by his brother who is currently my coworker. I find this even more hilarious because I actually knew this girl, as me and my then-gf, her and my buddy used to double date occasionally.

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