[VIDEO] Amy Poehler's advice on coping with Boston news overload

Posted By Kristen Butler, UPI.com   |   April 19, 2013 at 4:30 PM

"I Love You Boston" is the title of the latest episode of "Ask Amy" on Amy Poehler's Smart Girls web channel.

"This has been a weird week hasn't it?" Amy Poehler took a question from a teenage viewer about feeling left out because she doesn't watch popular videos on the Internet.

"They all seem pointless and attention-getting," the girl wrote. "What can I do to spread better messages."

Poehler's response takes the question further, "in light of recent events" and asks "how can I keep myself informed and connected without exploiting people and harming myself?"

The comedian warns against using pictures and videos as a way of "superficially connecting with something." She talks about the need to "give our eyes a break," and and says it's ok to "be ok with letting some things rest in peace.

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