[VIDEO] SNL takes on LL Cool J and Brad Paisley in 'Accidental Racist' spoof

April 15, 2013 at 10:55 AM

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Brad Paisley's new jam "Accidental Racist," but SNL managed to make light of the situation with this spoof.

On the clip, Paisley -- played by Jason Sudeikis -- and co-singer LL Cool J. -- played by Kenan Thompson-- admit to Weekly Update host Seth Meyers, that they know the song "is not any good, musically or lyrically," and note that they were just trying to get a conversation started.

"The song is all about assumptions Seth," Paisley tells the Weekly Update host. "Now see, I wore this cowboy hat. Now if you saw someone in this hat what would you think?"

"That you're Matthew McConaughey at prom," responded LL Cool J.

"See? and I am neither of those things," Paisly points out. "Racism is cured y'all."

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