What your favorite brew says about your political preferences

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY, UPI.com   |   Sept. 28, 2012 at 12:04 PM
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It's been pointed out, by us and others, that the 2012 presidential campaign has turned into a bit of a beer fest.

The hoppy beverage has been a constant companion on the campaign trail, at least with President Obama, who is known to hand out bottles of the White House home brew to supporters and who is regularly photographed enjoying a cold one in college towns and Irish neighborhoods.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who abstains from drinking any alcohol in adherence to his Mormon faith, is at a bit of a disadvantage. But his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, touted his Wisconsin roots by giving a shout-out to Miller Brewing at his first solo campaign stop.

Beer is shorthand for "regular guy," something that, by the very definition, occupants of the White House are not. But political strategists may be onto something with the beer thing:

National Media, a research firm, has analyzed the findings of a survey of more than 200,000 interviews with American beer drinkers, and discovered some interesting patterns.

Heineken? Liberals love it.

Samuel Adams? Despite its blue-state origins in Boston, it's a favorite of Republicans.

Busch and Bud Light, it seems are popular with everybody.

That's probably why, at a stop at the Iowa State Fair, Obama headed for the Bud Light tent when he bought a round for supporters and led the crowd in a chorus of "four more beers!" Joe Sixpack, a columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, found that the 25 states with the highest concentrations of breweries--many of which are craft breweries--all went for Obama in 2008.

Democratic beers
Budweiser, Budweiser Select
Miller Genuine Draft
Stella Artois

Republican beers
Samuel Adams, Sam Adams Light
Rolling Rock
Amstel Light
Labatt Blue
Michelob Ultra
Miller Lite
Coors Light
Busch Light

Bipartisan beers
Michelob LIght
Dos Equis
Bud Light
Natural Light
Miller High Life, MGD 64

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