North Korea to digitize distribution of all movies, state media says

Elizabeth Shim
North Korea is digitizing movie distribution, according to state propaganda services. File Photo by Yonhap/EPA-EFE
North Korea is digitizing movie distribution, according to state propaganda services. File Photo by Yonhap/EPA-EFE

May 15 (UPI) -- North Korea is digitizing the distribution of all films screened in theaters across the country, according to state propaganda services.

DPRK Today said Wednesday the changes have taken place at theaters in the country's capital of Pyongyang, and the policy will affect all other theaters across the country.


"The new [digital] film distribution network being carried out by the state administration of cinema, will include the screening of movies with high screen resolution and a minimum 5.1 surround sound," DPRK Today said. "The 2,000-seat international cinema and the 600-seat cinema will serve as examples for the rest of the country of high-quality film screening and high-end sound systems."

The 600-seat movie theater is now equipped with 7.1 surround sound, the first surround sound audio system of its caliber in the country, state media said.

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North Korea's statements referred to digital film as "numeric film," a reference to the binary numeric form used in digital technology.

DPRK Today said the films are digitized at the point of shooting and production and are "processed numerically." State media claimed audiences gave positive reviews to films screened with 5.1 surround sound, the most commonly used layout in home theaters.

North Korea is also drawing attention to lifestyle, or living standard improvements in the country by highlighting manufacturing.

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Propaganda outlet Maeari stated Tuesday a new shoe insert developed by a North Korean medical research institute is gaining in popularity.

The latest shoe inserts are deodorized and massage the feet of the user. Special inserts are available by height, Maeari said.

State propaganda added the shoe inserts, or "foot pillows," are "very good" for fatigue relief, and even help with "intestinal therapy."

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Kim Jong Un has previously called on the country to turn to "self-reliance" as Pyongyang remains under heavy sanctions.

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