ISIS has released a letter allegedly written by Steven Sotloff

A video Steven Sotloff's beheading was released by ISIS on accident on September 2.

By Thor Benson
Steven Sotloff.
Steven Sotloff.

DABIQ, Syria, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- The Islamic State has released a letter allegedly written by American journalist Steven Sotloff that was meant for his mother.

IS claims Sotloff wrote the letter before the group publicly beheaded him.


Sotloff's mother, Shirley Sotloff, released a video on August 27 pleading for ISIS to release her son.

The video showing his beheading was released by IS on accident on September 2. The letter Sotloff allegedly wrote to his mother is now featured in the fourth issue of IS's English-language magazine, known as Dabiq, according to Vocativ.

The letter reads:

To Mom, I do not have much time and will probably not get this opportunity again, so I would like to get straight to the point. Your recent public video of pleading to the Calipeate not to kill me has been received loud and clear by them. However, this in itself is not enough to save me. Although I've been informed that the aerial campaign in Iraq has been halted, which at the moment has given me breathing room thanks be to God, I believe it looks like it's not enough Mom because Obama's recent decision to fly spy drones over Syria in the Islamic State's airspace is only aggravating and infuriating my captors further. This is obviously because the US government is interfering yet again in the affairs of the Islamic State. As for me being a journalist, they know this. I've repeatedly told them this, but like they always say, do US airstrikes differentiate between those who are armed and those who are unarmed? Likewise they don't. Beseeching the Caliphate to spare my life will not help either of us, as the matter is in Obama's next judgment. As you and the world have plainly seen in the recent video, the message was my life depends on Obama's next decision. Mom, please don't let Obama kill me. Do not let him get away with murder again. What doesn't our government understand? Don't get involved in the Islamic State's internal and external affairs. Leave them to fight their own war. Mom, you can still save my life, just like the families of my previous cellmates who I'm sure you've met. Pressure our government to not involve themselves in the affairs of these people. At the rate that Obama's administration is going, this could very well be the last you hear from me. Please don't let that be the case. Fight for me. I love you.


-The Failed Crusade

Vocativ claims that due to the pro-IS language of the letter and the strange use of language, it's likely the letter was written or edited by IS members to fit their intentions.

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