Williamson restarts campaign after 3% in Michigan primary vote

Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Long-shot Democratic presidential primary candidate Marianne Williamson said Wednesday she's resuming her campaign after getting 3% of the vote in the Michigan primary.

President Joe Biden had 81.1% of Michigan's Democratic primary vote with 93% of the vote in as of Wednesday morning. More than 15% of the Democratic Michigan vote was for "uncommitted" in a protest over Biden's support of Israel in the Gaza war.


Williamson had 3% of the Michigan primary vote as of Wednesday morning.

"As of today I am unsuspending my campaign for the presidency of the United States," Williamson said Wednesday in an X video.

"I had suspended it because I was losing the horse race."

She is still losing that horse race, but she said something much more important than the horse race is at stake here.

"Right now we have a fascist standing at the door," Williamson said.

"We have to respond to Donald Trump's dark vision of possibility," she said.


She attacked the Biden administration on the economy, alleging that the majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and claimed that 39% of Americans are regularly skipping meals as they struggle to pay rent.

According to the Treasury Department annual financial stability report in February, a robust economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is underway with inflation dropping, a low unemployment rate and higher real wages.

But Williamson said economic anxiety is being experienced by the majority of Americans as corporations dominate the country.

She said America is increasingly militaristic under Biden.

Williamson said, "We need a president who lays down an agenda and says we're gonna turn this thing around."

She called for eliminating student debt, free college tuition, paid family leave, subsidized childcare, a guaranteed living wage, and guaranteed sick pay. She offered no detailed economic plan to pay for her agenda.

She said that can't be done with Donald Trump's policies.

She said her agenda is what will defeat Donald Trump, not "finishing the job" started by the Biden administration.

She said the Biden administration can't defeat what she called "that juggernaut of dark, dark vision."

Williamson suspended her campaign Feb. 8.

Her suspension announcement came after getting just 2.8% of the vote in Nevada's Democratic primary, behind the 6% of primary voters there who voted for "none of these candidates."


She got 4% of the primary vote in New Hampshire and 2% in South Carolina as Biden won both those states by overwhelming margins.

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