Poll: Most Americans say alcohol, marijuana use morally okay

Sommer Brokaw
Friends clink drinks in a field. Photo by Free-Photos/Pixabay
Friends clink drinks in a field. Photo by Free-Photos/Pixabay

June 4 (UPI) -- Most Americans said in a new poll that smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol are morally okay.

In the Gallup Poll released Monday, 1,024 adults across the United States were surveyed about whether they think marijuana or alcohol use is morally acceptable, regardless of whether it should be legal.


Seventy-eight percent of Americans surveyed said that drinking alcohol was morally acceptable and 65 percent said that smoking marijuana was.

Other practices also tied record highs or set new records for more permissive views this year, including birth control, divorce, sex between unmarried people, gay or lesbian relations, having a baby outside marriage, doctor-assisted suicide, pornography and polygamy.

Meanwhile, moral acceptance of medical testing on animals at 51 percent was at a record low.

Gallup's annual Values and Beliefs survey was conducted by telephone May 1-10 with a random sample of 1,024 adults 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. It has a 4 percent margin of error.

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