Rhode Island sends 500 residents 2 tax refund checks in error

By Andrew V. Pestano

April 28 (UPI) -- The Rhode Island Division of Taxation said authorities erroneously sent 500 residents duplicate tax refund checks worth a total of about $364,000.

"A number of State of Rhode Island checks have recently been printed and distributed in duplicate. Approximately 500 of those were Rhode Island personal income tax refund checks," the Division of Taxation said in a statement. "The Rhode Island Division of Taxation does not print and distribute personal income tax refund checks; those functions are handled by other state agencies."


Those who received the duplicate checks are not able to cash both because of a fraud-detection system. Rhode Island officials do not believe the state will lose money aside from the cost of printing and mailing the duplicate checks. Department of Administration policy director Allison Rogers said human error was to blame.

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