FEC asks Trump campaign to fix 1,100 errors on October report

"The Commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of prohibited contributions," the FEC wrote in a letter to Trump's campaign.

By Doug G. Ware
FEC asks Trump campaign to fix 1,100 errors on October report
President-elect Donald Trump prepares to welcome a guest at the clubhouse of Trump International Golf Club, in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Sunday. The Federal Election Committee sent Trump's campaign a notice Sunday stating that it found more than 1,000 potential errors in its October fundraising filing, involving about $1.3 million in possibly impermissible donations. Pool Photo by Peter Foley/UPI | License Photo

WASHINGTON, Nov. 21 (UPI) -- Federal election officials have found more than 1,000 potential errors on the Trump campaign's October FEC report, involving incorrectly reported contributions that totaled more than $1 million, officials said.

The Federal Election Commission said it identified about 1,100 errors involving contributions worth about $1.3 million dollars listed on the campaign's October disclosure report, and have asked the president-elect's team to fix them.


In a letter to Trump campaign treasurer Timothy Jost, dated Sunday, the commission identified five areas in which the violations were found.

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"This notice requests information essential to full public disclosure of your federal election campaign finances," the letter states. "Failure to adequately respond by the response date noted above could result in an audit or enforcement action."

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The FEC said some of the contributions Donald Trump's campaign received were not from groups properly registered with the commission, and in some cases the amounts exceeded legal limits.

The commission asked in the letter for clarification regarding the potential errors. The FEC also told the campaign it must refund any donations found to be from unregistered groups or those that exceeded federal limits.


"Although the Commission may take further legal action concerning the acceptance of prohibited contributions, your prompt action to refund the prohibited amount will be taken into consideration," the letter states.

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Trump's campaign has until Dec. 27 to respond to the commission's notice.

Trump, who was elected Nov. 8, previously said his campaign raised more than $100 million in October in small-scale donations from 1.6 million donors, The Hill reported Nov. 2.

Such letters from the FEC are fairly common. Former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders received one in May and President Barack Obama was also notified of possible errors in fundraising in the past, CNN reported.

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