Kent State alumnae with Ebola did not visit campus

Amber Joy Vinson did not visit Kent State's campus, and three of her relatives who are staff there are now voluntarily under quarantine.

By Gabrielle Levy
Kent State alumnae with Ebola did not visit campus
Health care workers block entry to quarantined area. (UPI/Shutterstock/Adam Gregor)

KENT, Ohio, Oct. 17 (UPI) -- Kent State officials said they have no reason to believe students or staff should stay away from classes or homecoming activities after a nurse who contracted Ebola visited relatives in the area.

Amber Joy Vinson, a nurse who was diagnosed with the disease after treating Thomas Eric Duncan in Dallas, flew to Cleveland and back before she developed symptoms.


She visited with relatives, three of whom are administrators at Kent State University and have been asked to stay home for three weeks. Her stepfather, Kelvin Berry, has voluntarily agreed to a 21-day quarantine at his Tallmadge home.

According to university officials, Vinson never came to campus. But her three relatives did come to work Wednesday morning, then left after learning of her diagnosis.

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"We were notified by the Department of Health at about 12:30 and we've maintained a presence since then," said Lt. Ron Williams of the Tallmadge Police.

Tallmage mayor said none of the people Vinson came into contact with during her visit are exhibiting symptoms of Ebola.

The university says it is not canceling classes or homecoming events for this weekend over a potential scare.

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"None of what the health folks are telling us gives us any reason to make any changes based on that criteria," university spokesman Eric Mansfield said. "We certainly hope people will come out."

However, two schools in Ohio and three schools in central Texas have been closed out of an "abundance of caution" after students or staff were discovered to have been on the Cleveland to Dallas flight.

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