Deion Sanders, ex-wife, spar in court

DALLAS, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- The messy divorce of former Dallas Cowboys great Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar was aired in court Wednesday.

A Texas judge ruled against Pilar Sanders' attorney, who was attempting to argue she never initialed the premarital agreement Deion Sanders' attorneys say prevents her from obtaining any more of the Hall of Famer's assets, The Dallas Morning News reported.


Pilar Sanders attorney, Larry Friedman, called a handwriting expert to testify, who said the two distinctly different-appearing sets of initials on the pre-nuptial were almost certainly not authored by the same person. One set of initials "PB" (Pilar Sanders' maiden name is Biggers) appears in a bubbly script in blue ink while the rest are a messy cursive in black ink.

Deion Sanders' lawyers called a paralegal from the firm that drafted the pre-nuptial agreement who said she had to inform Pilar to initial several places she missed the first time and that Pilar did so hurriedly, using a different pen than before.

Pilar Sanders got a $100,000 incentive to sign the agreement though her lawyer contends now that she was unaware of the extent of Deion Sanders' assets and the document should be voided.


Lawyers also charge Deion Sanders has not paid $10,000 in child support he was ordered to pay by a judge in May.

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