DeMar DeRozan throws ball at referee during Drew League game

By Alex Butler

July 10 (UPI) -- DeMar DeRozan lost his cool in a Drew League game this week, throwing the ball at an official's head.

The Toronto Raptors All-Star was playing for his M.H.P team Sunday during a 104-99 loss to Home Town Favorites in South Central, Los Angeles. DeRozan grew frustrated at the referee several times during the game, even getting a technical at one point.


At the end of the game, DeRozan took a pass from a teammate and chucked the ball one handed at a referee's head, barely missing the older man.

"You suck," DeRozan said.

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He was eventually restrained by Nick Young, who was recently signed by the Golden State Warriors.

DeRozan had 41 points, while Young netted 28 points in the loss, according to Overtime. M.H.P. has a 2-5 record this summer.

The Raptors' smooth stroking shooting guard has given the fans a lot to cheer for this summer, despite his team's losing record. Last week he put the moves on No. 1 high school recruit Marvin Bagley III. In that game, DeRozan put Bagley on skates before netting an easy layup. But Bagley got revenge with a huge dunk.


M.H.P. faces Baron Davis' New Edition (4-4) squad at 3:15 p.m. Sunday.

Van Girard of BB4L won the Week 7 Player of the Week in the Drew League. Girard posted 30 points and 14 rebounds in his team's win against Juglife. Pooh Jeter was also one of the best players this week, posting 32 points in LAU's 86-78 win against Davis and New Edition.

The Drew League started in 1973 in Compton, but has taken place at King Drew High School since 2012.

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