College Football 25: Featured athletes to get at least $600

Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Athletes appearing in the upcoming College Football 25 video game will receive a minimum of $600, EA Sports announced Thursday. The video game company also said all 134 Football Bowl Subdivision teams will be included.

EA Sports released the first trailer for the highly anticipated revival of the series last week and plans a summer release.


More than 11,000 athletes will be given the offer to opt-in for their portrayal in the game. Each will receive a copy and at least $600 for use of his name, image and likeness. Select athlete ambassadors will be used for promotions and marketing.

The NCAA Football franchise was discontinued in 2013 after a federal judge ruled that the association violated U.S. antirust law by preventing college athletes from being compensated for using their name, image and likeness.

EA Sports announced in 2021 that it would reboot the franchise. About five months later, the NCAA approved a policy that allowed college athletes to make money from their name, image and likeness.

EA Sports said last May that players would be able to opt-in for inclusion in the game and contracted ONeTeam Partners to coordinate their name, image and likeness opportunities.

The College Football Players Association later criticized reported low pay -- of $500 -- the players were set to receive as part of that inclusion and recommended a boycott.

A new teaser for the game, posted Thursday on EA Sports social media channels, showed all the schools that will be featured in College Football 25.


"They're in the game," EA Sports wrote as a caption for the video, referencing its company slogan, "It's in the game."

Many college programs, including Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan State, Miami -- and the College Football Playoff -- also posted on social media about their participation.

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