Erin Andrews critic costs Entercom advertising from Fox

Sports reporter Erin Andrews has been the subject of much criticism after it was recently announced that she would replace Pam Oliver at Fox Sports.
By Aileen Graef  |  Aug. 4, 2014 at 9:23 AM
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NEW YORK, Aug. 4 (UPI) -- Fox Sports pulled all advertising from Entercom radio stations after WEEI host Kirk Minihane went on a "sexist" and "boorish" rant about Erin Andrews.

Minihane was discussing an interview Andrews did with St. Louis Cardinals player Adam Wainwright about his grooved pitches on July 16 when he went off on a tirade, calling Andrews a term for a female dog.

"What a [expletive]! I hate her! What a gutless [expletive]! Seriously, go away. Drop dead," Minihane said. "I mean, seriously what the hell is wrong with her? First of all, follow-up. Second of all, the guy admitted he did it. He admitted it. He told reporters he threw a couple of pipe bombs. How is that social media's fault? I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. Social media is the reason she has a big house! Shut up. Shut up. I shouldn't call her a bitch, I'm sure she's a nice person."

Things went from bad to worse after Minihane issued an apology on air the following Wednesday where he couldn't quite help not insulting Andrews yet again.

"I used a word to reference Erin Andrews that I shouldn't have used to reference Erin Andrews. I will completely cop to that. I said it. I admit. That was a mistake using that word ... I just feel like it was the wrong time to use that specific word to describe her," he said. "I will say this: I think she stinks at her job. I don't think she's very smart. I don't think she comes across as very smart. I think Fox only hired her because she's good-looking. I think if she weighed 15 pounds more she'd be a waitress at Perkins. I mean, that's what I believe. I do believe that. I just do."

Unimpressed with his apology, Fox Sports president Eric Shanks wrote a letter to CEO of Entercom Communications Corp. David Field that Fox Sports would no longer be advertising on Entercom radio stations.

"By now you are no doubt aware of the incidents that occurred on-air at your Boston station WEEI on July 15 and again on July 22, I am referring to the obnoxious comments made by Kirk Minihane on the 'Dennis and Callahan' show regarding one of our Fox on-air personalities, Erin Andrews. As we have previously stated to various media outlets, the comments made by Mr. Minihane were boorish and sexist. Further, the 'apology' made by Mr. Minihane was juvenile and insincere. To make matters worse, the 'apology' was posted under a banner (allegedly approved by your Boston VP and Market Manager, Phil Zachary) hailing 'The Triumphant Return of Kirk Minihane'...I have discussed this issue with our senior management and our various senior marketing executives. At their recommendation, I am writing to inform you that going forward Fox's entertainment and sports businesses will not be advertising on your stations for the foreseeable future."

Entercom is one of the largest radio broadcast companies with more than 100 stations in 23 markets. Minihane was suspended for a week following the incident.

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