Bonds to file for free agency

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Veteran San Francisco outfielder Barry Bonds announced Friday that he would file for free agency at midnight a day after the end of the World Series.

"At the conclusion of the World Series, Barry will file for free agency, even though it's nothing more than a procedural formality," Jeff Borris, a representative for the Beverly Hills Sports Council and Bonds' agent, told "We've had no dialogue with the Giants up to this point, so we have no alterative."


The slugger already has been told that his playing time with the Giants will be reduced next season.

On its Web site Friday, the team noted that Bonds is one of 11 free agents who could leave the Giants this off-season.

General Manager Brian Sabean said he expected all of them to file.

Bonds, 42, who filed for free agency in 2001 after he hit 73 home runs, is 21 homers behind Hank Aaron's all-time Major League record of 755.

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