Four-legged robot can walk up stairs, recover from being kicked

By Thor Benson

BOSTON, Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Boston Dynamics's newest robot is a four-legged machine that can take a kick.

In the video unveiling the new robot, "Spot" is kicked by one of the workers and get back up from the kick.


It also walks up rocky hills, walks down them and walks up stairs. The video shows the robot can run quite fast, and the description reveals it only weighs 160 pounds. It has a sensor on top that helps it navigate rough terrain. It is electrically powered and uses hydraulics to move its legs.

Boston Dynamics, owned by Google, is best known for developing the BigDog robot, which is a 240 pound-robot that looks like a bigger version of "Spot."

The company also has a human-like robot called ATLAS that it recently showed can now do karate moves.

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