Expert warns on cyberwar threat

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, March 16 (UPI) -- A leading European cybersecurity expert says international action is needed to prevent a catastrophic cyberwar and cyberterrorism.

Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive officer co-founder of Kaspersky Lab -- which says it is the largest antivirus company in Europe -- made the remarks Friday at the World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit at Queen's University Belfast.


Leading cybersecurity experts and government policymakers from around the world are meeting for a two-day conference to discuss ways to combat future threats to global cybersecurity, a university release reported.

"For almost a decade I've been doing my best to attract the attention of governments and officials around the world to the imminent threat of cyberwar and cyberterrorism and the need to prevent it -- but with limited effect," he said. "We have entered a new age, the Age of Cyber-Warfare, and decisive international action needs to be taken immediately if we don't want to see our technology-permeated world -- where everything is managed by IT systems -- crumble around us."

"Cybersecurity affects us all," Queen's University Professor John McCanny said. "Be it via smartphones and their apps, online banking or through the most intricate of government defense systems, we are all at risk of cybersecurity attacks."


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