Woman quits job through 'interpretive dance' video

Marina Shifrin quits her video-making job in viral clip.


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An American woman working for a news video company in Taiwan decided to quit her job through a two-minute video message.

In the clip -- which is set to Kanye West's "Gone" -- Marina Shifrin hands in her resignation notice while dancing around in the office. As she dances, captions explaining her feelings appear at the bottom of the screen.


"For almost two years, I've sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job," Shifrin wrote and interpretively danced to. "My boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets."

"So I figured..." she continues, "I'd make one video of my own. To focus on the content instead of worry about the views."

Funny enough, the clip went viral almost immediately garnering over 4,500,000 view on YouTube just three days after it was published.

Her boss has not made any public comments about the clip. Shifrin is now back in the Unites States and has a solid fan base on Twitter.

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