Two vultures found 'too drunk to fly' in Connecticut

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April 19 (UPI) -- An animal rescue group in Connecticut said a pair of drunk vultures were treated with fluids and "a big breakfast" before being released.

A Place Called Hope said in a Facebook post that the "dynamic duo" had been "dumpster diving" and ended up eating something "that was fermented enough to cause severe intoxication."


The rescue said the vultures were initially thought to be seriously ill, but testing confirmed they were merely "too drunk to fly."

"They only needed fluids and to be tucked in overnight... and fed a BIG breakfast the next day," the post said.

The vultures were released back into the wild and successfully rejoined their colony.

"Remember, your cocktail fruit that ends up in a dumpster can end up intoxicating wildlife if the dumpster is not kept closed," the post said.

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