Maryland woman blasts a world record-breaking 107-decibel burp

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Aug. 2 (UPI) -- A Maryland woman's unusual talent earned her a Guinness World Record when she let out a belch that was measured at 107 decibels.

Kimberly "Kimycola" Winter said she was encouraged to seek the world record for loudest burp (female) by viewers of her YouTube and TikTok channels, where often shows off her booming belches.


Guinness World Records required the belch to be measured in a soundproofed room, so she attempted the record live on the air during iHeartRadio's Elliot in the Morning show.

GWR confirmed Winter broke a record that had stood for about 14 years. Winter's burp was measured at 107 decibels -- about as loud as a motorcycle at full throttle.

Winter said she prepared for her attempt by experimenting with different foods and beverages. She said she ended up having coffee and beer with her breakfast on the day of the attempt to guarantee the maximum belch volume.

Winter's record was just short of the male version of the record, 112.7 decibels, which was set by Australian Neville Sharp in 2021.

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