2,910 laptops toppled like dominoes for Guinness World Record

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June 16 (UPI) -- A computer and electronics recycling company in Indiana broke a Guinness World Record by setting up 2,910 laptops like dominoes and toppling them in a chain reaction.

Workers at Technology Recyclers' headquarters in Indianapolis attempted the world record to highlight the importance of recycling electronic and electrical waste.


"We had a wonderful time planning and executing this event. The day brought our employees deeper into our story, and understanding the importance of what we do," Dale Needleman, partner at Technology Recyclers, told Guinness World Records.

The team aimed to beat the record of 752, which was set by Jens Demol and Out of Use NV in Beringen, Belgium, in November 2021.

The team said they originally planned to set up even more than 2,910 laptops, but they ran into some unforeseen complications.

"We learned while setting them up not all laptops stand up the same, and we had a few unplanned starts," Needleman said. "It was fun for everyone to see how excited our team members got as the event got closer, and certainly during the attempt. Many people commented that they had never witnessed a world record, and thought it was pretty cool!"


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