Suburban Illinois bridge hit by truck for 14th time since summer

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Feb. 3 (UPI) -- A box truck crashed into a historic Illinois bridge with a low clearance -- the 14th such incident since the bridge was reopened following repairs in 2020.

Witnesses said they saw the truck approaching the bridge on Robert Parker Coffin Road in Long Grove, and it was apparent that the top of the vehicle was going to collide with the bridge cover.


John Kopecky said he was outside his business with a friend Monday when they saw the truck headed toward the bridge and shouted for it to stop. Kopecky captured video of the collision, which occurred right after a witness shouted: "Say goodbye to your truck."

The Lake County Sheriff's Office said 13 previous reports of the bridge being struck by oversized vehicles were recorded since it reopened after repairs in August 2020. Officials said Monday's crash did not cause any serious damage to the structure.

The bridge was struck by a bus just one day after its initial reopening, and was struck a second time the following day while a news crew was recording a segment on the incident.


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