'Leaning Tower of Dallas' brought down by wrecking ball

March 3 (UPI) -- The Leaning Tower of Dallas, a building remnant that went viral following a failed demolition, finally came down after two weeks of being struck with a wrecking ball.

The concrete core of the 11-story building remained standing at an angle following the Feb. 16 implosion, sparking a social media trend of people posting photos pretending to hold up the remnant.


The demolition contractor spent two weeks striking the building core, which contained the building's stairway and elevator shafts, with a 5,600-pound wrecking ball before it finally came down Monday.

De La Vega Development, the firm redeveloping the site, had initially estimated it would take up to four days to bring the tower down with the wrecking ball, but it ended up taking two entire weeks.

Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, the firm that conducted the implosion and the wrecking ball follow-up, said it is not uncommon for a concrete core to remain when a high rise building is demolished.

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