Raccoon takes 16-mile journey on top of bread truck in Florida

Ben Hooper

Sept. 20 (UPI) -- A raccoon went for a 16-mile ride on top of a Florida bread delivery truck that reached speeds of over 50 mph during the trip.

The driver of the Wonder Bread truck said other drivers called his attention to the raccoon on top of his truck, and he had already traveled about 10 miles before calling 911 from the parking lot of a fast food restaurant.


Police and the driver attempted to get the raccoon to safety by pulling the truck up to a convenient tree branch, but the animal refused to climb down.

The driver said he eventually had to drive the final 6 miles of his journey with the raccoon still riding on the roof.

He said the animal eventually apparently climbed down on its own once the truck was parked at his company's headquarters in North Fort Myers.

Police in Wisconsin were more successful last week in coming to the rescue of a raccoon in a different sort of predicament. The Madison Police Department said a police officer and an animal control officer were able to coax a raccoon out of a tree to remove a jar that became stuck over its head.

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