California thief stuffs chainsaw down his pants

By Daniel Uria
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April 4 (UPI) -- Police in California are working Thursday to track down a man who stole a chainsaw from a Fresno hardware store by shoving it into his pants.

Jeff Bennett of RG Equipment told the Fresno Bee that the theft took place Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. and was captured on the store's security cameras.


The footage showed a man shoving the chainsaw into his pants and covering it with his jacket before walking out of the store.

The suspect then left the area in a pickup truck, which Bennett described as a late-1990s model Ram, silver, with an extended cab.

As of Thursday afternoon the suspect was still at large and police are hoping someone will be able to identify him based on the security footage.

Bennet said he believes the thief had an accomplice who was "scoping out" the store last week.

Fresno police Lt. Mark Hudson said one person arrived at the station in connection to the theft to clarify that he is not the thief after saying "he was being blown up" on social media by people accusing him of being the suspect.


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