Parents disturbed by elf 'murder' class assignment

By Ben Hooper
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Dec. 12 (UPI) -- Some parents of students at a British elementary school are complaining after an assignment that involved the "murder" of a Christmas elf.

Parents said 8- and 9-year-old students at Flowery Field Elementary School in Hyde, England, arrived for class to find a crime scene had been set up in a classroom, complete with the outline of the "murder scene" involving an Elf on the Shelf.


"There was a crime scene in one of the classrooms," a mother of a fourth-grade student told the Manchester Evening News.

"There was police tape and a table had been knocked over, and there were blood smeared on one of the tables," she said. "The idea was Elf had been murdered by another Elf. My daughter came home and she was absolutely traumatized."

"I'm not the only parent who felt like that. A lot of the kids in Year 4 were unsettled by it," she said.

Headteacher Ian Fell said the elf murder scene was part of a writing assignment, which came to a close Wednesday.

"I have been a teacher for 30 years and this is, in my judgment, an appropriate, engaging and exciting thing that children aged eight and nine have done. They have been so up for it," he said.


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