Police receive anonymous payment for 1974 parking ticket

By Ben Hooper

July 2 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania police chief said his department received a mysterious letter containing payment for a parking ticket issued 44 years ago.

Chief Michael Combs of the Minersville Police Department said a letter arrived last week from California with the return address listed as "Feeling Guilty."


The envelope contained a Minersville parking ticket issued in 1974, $5 and a short note.

The letter reads: "Dear PD, I've been carrying this ticket around for 40 plus years. Always intending to pay. Forgive me if I don't give you my info. With respect, Dave."

Combs said the ticket was only $2, so $3 of the payment was apparently for interest.

"He paid us $5," Combs told WNEP-TV. "So, that's 44 years later. So, that only means I made $3. I can't retire on that."

The chief said he would like to track down "Dave" to thank him for his honesty.

"We do appreciate that this individual paid their ticket, and again, we encourage other individuals, if you have an outstanding ticket, please pay them," Combs said.

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