Mayfly swarm covers pumps at Louisiana gas station

Ben Hooper

May 30 (UPI) -- Visitors to a Louisiana gas station captured video of a bizarre swarm of thousands of mayflies swarming around the business and gas pumps.

Heather Alas said she stopped at the gas station in Slidell on Monday and quickly noticed the insects covering the gas pumps and swarming around outside the business.


"Do not get gas," a child's voice says in Alas' video. "Look at those pumps. Oh my God!"

"I wouldn't touch that even for a $1 million," the child said.

Atlas said the swarm was still at the gas station the next morning.

Another video posted to Facebook by Lauren Ogles Lairsey shows the mayflies covering the pumps at the station. A child in the back seat panics at the site, but the parents reassure them the insects will remain outside the car.


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