Brave passenger makes quick work of snake on commuter train

By Ben Hooper

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Nov. 22 (UPI) -- A snake found stowing away on an Indonesian commuter train was quickly dispatched by a fearless passenger in an incident caught on camera.

The video, recorded Tuesday aboard a KRL Commuterline train from Bogor to Angke, in Jakarta, shows passengers scrambling to get away from the snake slithering around the overhead area.


A passenger and a rail employee track the snake's movements until the commuter manages to climb up and grab the serpent by the tail.

The man, in one swift motion, swings the snake and smashes its head against the floor, apparently killing it instantly.

The passenger then casually tosses the dispatched snake out the train's door.

Officials with KRL Commuterline operator PT KCI said the snake is believed to have been intentionally brought aboard the train by an unknown passenger.

"It's difficult to know for certain [who brought the snake]. It's going to be difficult because no one is going to confess," Eva Chairunisa, PT KCI's vice president of corporate communications, told Detik News.

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